Gothic Jewelry

Gothic - What is it and what is behind it?

Mystic, dark and individual - the Gothic movement has existed for a long time. The exact period of origin is dated to the 70s and 80s. The first time that this particular term of pertinent importance emerged in public was labeled as a very specific music style in music journalism.

Calm and melancholy were the characteristic elements of this genre. The actual scene with the well-known Gothic style established itself later. It emerged from the then punk movement and this attitude towards life.

Basically, the Gothic was influenced by two styles, which developed from the punk. These include "New Waver" and "New Romantics." 

To this day, the Goth lifestyle is characterized by a peaceful and romanticizing philosophy. The latter is primarily related to the fact that the goth supporters worship a time that has long since passed.

These romantic and extraordinary feelings reflect the followers of this scene with special Gothic clothing and gothic jewelry. In addition, they lend philosophy a clear expression in their lives.

What characterizes Gothic fashion and style trends?

There are various features that characterize the Gothic. First and foremost, there are three major categories: mindset, gothic fashion, and music.

Particularly striking is the way of thinking of the Gothic movement.

Two buzzwords associated with the scene are introversion and retrospectives. In addition, tolerance is a very important aspect. Important subject areas, such as grief, death, and evil, are given a place in the Gothic scene because they are not hushed up as the rest of society often does. Therefore, the mindset is often referred to as the antipode to the "superficial society".

A special focus of the Gothic movement is its appearance.

The supporters of the scene have always attached great importance to aesthetics and an individual look. Adjectives that describe the style well, for example, are elegant, well-groomed and graceful. Ladies prefer Gothic dresses or even a skirt, gentlemen choose Gothic coats, trenches, metal embellished tunic sweatshirts, tracksuits, cargo pants, and vests.

Specials, such as a gothic wedding dress, are also not uncommon. Creepers, boots as well as heels and boots are the preferred gothic shoes. Well-known brands such as demonia, Industrial Punk, and Banned prove how versatile gothic fashion is.

The Gothic scene is characterized by its music.

Music is understood as an intensive way of expressing feelings in a versatile way. Joy Division, The Cure and Christian Death are just a few of the well-known names that shaped the movement.

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Gothic Subgenres

With the advent of the Gothic movement, some subgenres have split off over time, which we want to introduce you to a bit more in the following.


This is about a mix of life philosophy of Gothics with bright pastel colors (hence the name "pastel-goth). It may sound a bit inappropriate but since 2009 the pastelgoth is a very popular subgenre. Pastelgoths are just as individual as traditional Goths but with some more playful - or shall we say colorful, elements.

These include, for example, colorful and bright Gothic dresses in long, but also bright make-up and hairstyles. Part occult as well as playful symbols are characteristic for the Pastelgoth, which is why bats, skeletons and inverted crosses are the right thing for all followers of the subgenre.

Nu goth

The Nu Goth is an individual attitude towards life. Although the wearer wears the characteristic clothing of the Goth scene, such as Gothic Rock & Co., they combine it with other elements. These include high-waist trousers and oversized sunglasses. Here, too, occult and geometric motifs are used, such as skull prints and skeleton prints. Musically, Nu Goth is very closely linked to the Gothic genre. Differences also show up, because, in addition to the classic goth sound, other music is also heard.

Steampunk Goth

Its origin is the "steampunk" in the literature. For in books by Jules Verne and HG Wells, the word was coined to describe the worlds of the Victorian era from 1840 to 1900. Therefore, the Steampunk Goth style is also influenced by the aesthetics of the Victorian era. A special focus is on "elegance" and "extravagance".

The result is an incomparable blend of gothic clothing, Victorian makeup, and a sense of inventive detail. Very characteristic are gothic dresses in long, vests, tailcoats, cylinders, spectacles and masks. A supplement gets the clothing by elements of the steampunk fiction. Outfits are completed with weapons, armor pieces, and Victorian inventions.

Two other subgenres are Romantic Gothic and Industrial Gothic. While the former is characterized by romantic looks and is implemented perfectly by labels such as Burleska or Vixxsin, the Industrial Gothic thematizes a multifaceted lifestyle that is related to the music genre "Industrial".